You’re Not Shredding Fat Because Of These Reasons

You’re Not Shredding Fat Because Of These Reasons

Losing weight the easy way never works.

It’s all about earning it..

& working your ass off to become the best possible version of yourself.

So here’s why the average person never achieves their fitness goals..

They have lack of knowledge, discipline, and consistency.

These 3 factors are crucial to shred fat and most importantly keep it off.

Let’s dive deeper into these 3 key terms.

Lack of Knowledge

I highly advise anyone serious about losing weight to educate themselves with CORRECT information the web has to offer.

I emphasize “correct” because even though the web has thousands of “fitness gurus” not all of them are necessarily correct.

Their methods may have worked for them, but you should remember that everyone’s body is unique.

Yours included.

Each diet and training is individualized to what that person can realistically achieve.

Here’s the thing..

If a diet program cannot mesh with your lifestyle..

YOU WILL NOT find the results you’re looking for.

More so, you won’t be able to keep up with it.

But here’s the truth about shredding fat..

It’s being in a calorie deficit.

Whether this is via diet or training, it really doesn’t matter.

Doing one or the other can guarantee fat loss.

Matter of fact, if you do both you’ll optimally guarantee a calorie deficit.

What else can you do?

You can add my personal favorite fat burning supplements to your arsenal.



Why I love these supplements? Because it helps metabolize unwanted fat and helps utilize it for energy.

I’ve used these 2 supplements during my entire cut (diet) and continue to use it till this day.

Here’s a current progress pic as of 8/18/2018


As you can see i’m currently around 9% body fat and am planning to drop even more.

However, I do want to warn you that these fat burning supplements ARE NOT going to work without proper nutrition and training.

So don’t go off buying these pills and expect them to work by themselves.

Discipline & Consistency

These 2 terms are dependent of each other..

It takes discipline to actually START..

A lot of people to to say they’ll start a diet but never do..

They keep pushing it of until they look in the mirror and see themselves 10 pounds heavier..

Well that’s where the discipline comes in.

You need to START in order to FINISH.

So what happens when you start your fitness journey? You have to be consistent.

Time and time again I’ve seen people take the first step in starting, but don’t have the consistency.

Eating 1 salad or training super hard one day is great..

But doing that consistently is what gets you results.

If you’re looking to change your body the RIGHT WAY, inquiring about my online coaching will help you accomplish the 3 terms we just went over.

The programs that I create are completely personalized and allows you to eat foods you enjoy.

You get to live your life and burn fat the right way.

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