Why Is Belly Fat So Hard To Lose In Adults?

Why Is Belly Fat So Hard To Lose In Adults?

Being a personal trainer, I must have received hundreds of the same question ‘Why is it hard to lose belly fat at my age (30+)’

I’m going to be brutally honest about this answer because I feel like a lot of individuals use excuses.

First off there’s science behind why it may be hard for adults to lose weight.

Here’s why..

As we continue to age, our metabolism will slow down by 5 percent every decade after 40. If you don’t know what metabolism is, it’s your bodies ability to convert fat into energy.

Without an efficient metabolism, we’ll store fat faster than what our bodies can naturally burn by itself.

Now there may be more science behind this, such as health issues and being injury prone..

But metabolism is one of the MAJOR KEY factors that affects adults from burning fat.

Now here’s where it gets brutal..

MOST adults, note that I didn’t mention ALL..

Tend to not make time,

Or put enough effort when working out.

How many of you are exhausted at the end of your work shift?

Or how many of you feel like you just don’t have time to learn HOW to workout.

There might be quite a few of you..

Here’s some quick solutions


Why Is Belly Fat So Hard To Lose In Adults?

I know work hours can be long and frustrating..

But if losing belly fat or building muscle is extremely important to you, you’ll make time for it.


Why Is Belly Fat So Hard To Lose In Adults?

There’s so much resources on the internet now a days, it’s almost impossible to not learn something new.

For instance, by checking out our magazine daily you’ll gain knowledge on how you can stay on track with your weight loss journey.

Spend 10–15 minutes learning something new and you’ll be at less risk for injury and most importantly, excuses.

EAT HEALTHIERWhy Is Belly Fat So Hard To Lose In Adults?

Being older doesn’t mean you have to eat bad.

Matter of fact, even though our metabolism tends to slow down at a minimal rate, you can offset it with knowing the ‘10 Foods That Will Turn Your Body Into A Fat Burning Machine


At the end of the day it’s all about your mentality. There are plenty of FIT individuals over 30+

And the difference between them and a person with a belly gut?

They don’t make excuses.

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