This Is How You Screwed Up Your Weight Loss Goals

Time and time again people will come to me for advice on why they’re not losing the weight they want.

They’ve tried all the weight loss fads, starved themselves, and even bought 25 different fat burners.

Well here’s the thing.

The primary reason why most people don’t end up losing weight is simply the lack of consistency and dedication.

Because think about it.

If someone works out and eats at a calorie deficit only one day out of the week, do you think they’ll achieve their body goals?

Hell no.

It’s all about consistency and being dedicated to continuing to be consistent.

Losing weight is pretty simple.

Eat at a calorie deficit and have awesome workouts to bring that calorie deficit down even further.

You need to lose 3500 calories a day to lose 1 pound of fat.

So putting it all together, if you’re consistently burning calories a day through diet and exercise, you’ll be dropping weight in no time!

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