The Misconception Of Shredding (Losing Weight)

Having professionally trained clients for the past 7 years, I always receive the same misconception about shredding or in other words, losing weight.

& that misconception is this..

“I have to eat boring meals for 8 weeks straight in order to get the body I want”. My answer? You have it all wrong! Well partially. Truth is that you can definitely shred tons of weight by eating the same meal everyday and by tailoring your calories.


That’s super boring! I mean how do you live life by eating the same boring meals every day? Live a little is what I always say.

The point is that you can eat whatever you want, you just need to know how much of it. It’s that simple.

How do you know how much? You need to know your TDEE and Calorie deficit. If you don’t know these numbers you’re pretty much playing a guessing game, the process of losing weight is longer, and your efforts aren’t as accurate.

Why waste your time guessing? I honestly wished someone would have slapped me with this information when I first started my fitness journey. My efforts would have been streamlined.

But hey, my mistake allows you to learn faster than I would have 10 years ago.

If you’re interested in streamlining your weight loss efforts by learning TDEE and Calorie deficit, then I would recommend checking the Ebook, Macros.

In this book you’ll calculate your own calorie deficit and finally eat the foods that you LOVE.

Click here to learn more.

Let’s keep it going with some more misconceptions.

“I’ll take a couple of fat burners and call it a day”

Yes you can call it a day, but you’re not going to get anywhere with losing weight. Here’s the thing about fat loss pills, they assist your calorie deficit with ingredients to speed up your metabolism.

Some popular ingredients in fat burners include:

Green Tea Extract – This ingredient is known to provide brilliant appetite control, a metabolism boost, and clean energy all through the day.

L- Tyrosine: This is an amino acid that the body produces naturally. It helps to reduce large appetites, and also boosts energy levels that in turn lead to weight loss.

Coleus Extract: Coleus helps kindle an enzyme which helps to lose fat.

The list can go on and on!

My suggestion in regards to fat loss pills is to start incorporating it once you’re disciplined with your diet. Once you can lose weight by just diet alone, you can then add a fat burner to take it to the next level.

My recommendation for fat burners are listed below:

Quadra  Lean by RSP –

Trans4orm Thermogenic Energizer by Evlution Nutrition –

Vintage Burn by Old School Labs –

Final Thoughts

Shredding (losing weight) is so simple. Just get rid of all the myths and misconceptions and know how much calories to eat a day. With that said, if you enjoyed this article please share it with someone you think may also benefit from it.

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