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Super Shreds App

This app does everything you could possibly want it to do and not only that, beautifully carefully designed and extremely intuitive to use.

Gym Sessions Streamlined

No more wondering what exercises to do next. Our program lays out all your workouts in an easy organized fashion.

Eat What You Want

Every new client receives our complimentary Macros ebook which teaches you how to lose weight by eating what you want.

Unpaired Flexibility

We understand that some exercises just simply cannot be done. That's why we've listed alternatives for every workout prescribed in your program.

Workout Anywhere

Whether you're traveling the world or just always on the go, your program will follow you with our Super Shreds Training App.

No More Guessing

Each exercise includes instructional videos so you can go into the workout confidently.

24/7 Support System

Gain exclusive access to the Super community page where you can ask questions, share your journey, and inspire.

Your Better Version Starts Today

Remember that the key to success is taking the first step.

& that first step starts with you.