Save Your Forearm And Use Versa Gripps

Versa Gripps, what are they? They’re pretty much glamorized lifting straps. If you’re not familiar with using lifting straps, here’s a quick breakdown.

Save Your Forearm And Use Versa Gripps

The classic lifting straps are made of woven fabric and are simply used to lift heavier weight. The science behind this is the use of wrapping the straps around the bar which helps your grip lift heavier (nothing really scientific).

If you’ve ever lifted heavy you’ll notice that at times your grip will give out. That’s where lifting straps come in.

Versa Gripps took this idea to the next level and added premium materials to the original design .

Versa Gripps

As you can see from the picture the straps are made of premium woven fabric that wraps around your wrist via a strong velcro. Each woven strap comes in a variety of colors for personalization.

The biggest difference is the palm flap that is attached to the woven strap. This palm flap hasa tacky feel and wraps around the bar for a more secure feel than the classic lifting strap.


These lifting straps are not cheap selling for $54.95. Theres a lot of skeptics that can’t justify a lifting strap selling for more than $50. However, if lifting straps help you get through heavy workouts, then you may justify the price as an investment.


There are currently two different versions of Versa Gripps that are meant for either Men or Women.

Versa Gripps PRO (Men) XS-XL

Versa Gripps® FIT Glove Weight Lifting Straps Hooks XS-L

Versa Gripps PRO (Men) XS-XL


Versa Gripps Pro

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Camouflage
  • Neon lime
  • Neon orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Royal Red

Versa Gripps Fit

  • Pink
  • Black


These lifting straps allow anyone to lift heavier by bypassing the use of your forearm (grip). The benefit of this is to isolate the targeted muscle with heavier weight.


Yes you can lift heavier with these straps, but without utilizing your forearm (grip) you’ll notice in time that your forearm (grip) will be under developed.

Another con is the price point. As mentioned earlier, a lot of lifters can’t justify the high price tag.

Overall take

I personally own a pair and firmly believe that there is a time for lifting straps and theres a time without. When utilizing these lifting straps I did notice that my lifts increased specifically in dumbbell rows and rack pulls.

Versa Gripps are awesome to have in your arsenal, but try not to rely on them with every lift.