How To Stay Fit At The Office in 2018

Whether you’re a part-timer or a full-timer, working an office job while staying fit can be troublesome.

Here’s why..

We’re constantly bombarded with FREE food and bad habits.

Yes, I get it..

Some companies may offer more perks than others..

However at the end of the day..

Most companies will provide an infinite amount of coffee and creamer.

Oh and don’t forget..

There’s always that one co-worker that will bring a box of doughnuts every Friday.

So with that being said, the office can be a battlefield of unwanted calories and bad habits.

But you my friend are different..

You seek a solution that allows you to use the negative elements to your advantage..

And here’s how.


SKIP THE CREAMER & USE CINNAMONThese small creamers may look innocently fat free, but each capsule provides a whopping 15 calories each.

Solution, opt in for black coffee spiced with cinnamon. It may take some getting used to but the long term benefits are much more beneficial for your fitness goals.

How To Stay Fit At The Office in 2018

Here’s why..

Black coffee + Cinnamon actually works as a fat burner. Studies have shown that Cinnamon contains characteristics that can lower blood sugar levels which ultimately keeps you feeling fuller, longer.

Moreover, the small amount of cinnamon can help metabolize blood sugar more effectively which in turn lowers the fatty acids in our bodies.

So how much cinnamon? One can benefit with adding a pinch to a 16oz cup of black coffee.


GET ACTIVEMost companies have access to a third party gym or have their own facilities.

Use them! It’s complimentary!

The best way to get a workout in is either before work or during lunch. At these times the gyms are typically empty.

What does that mean? You’ll get an efficient workout and will make it to work, ON TIME.

I do know a lot of people that opt to exercising after work..

This is okay however just know that 5-7pm is PRIME TIME. Don’t be surprised if you end up playing the waiting game for your favorite machine.


TAKE THE STAIRSIf your office has a stairwell, use it! There’s no better way to burn extra calories than taking the harder way up.

Let’s crunch some numbers..

Each stair climbed is about 0.17 calories burned while .05 calories are burned while descending. So if you think about it, going up and down a flight of stairs (12 steps) can a lot to 3 -5 calories burned!


STAND UPIf your desk allows, it’s recommended to work while standing for at least 1 hour per day. As mentioned in the article ‘5 Best Ways To Boost Your Metabolism In 2018‘ you can lose up to 8 pounds of fat!


MEAL PREPFailing to prepare is preparing to fail. We’ve all been guilty of settling for fast food because we just didn’t have the time to prepare our lunch.

But think about it..

If you spend about 1-2 hours preparing food for the next day..

You’ll save yourself not only unwanted calories but MONEY as well.

More so, you’ll be in complete control of how much calories you’re consuming..

Remember, the leaner the foods you eat

The easier it is to prep..

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