Lose weight FASTER With Carbs

Carbohydrates get a bad reputation. More so because it's of the main factors that has caused obesity in America. However, there's more to carbs than what you think. Utilizing carbohydrates correctly can help you lose weight even faster.

Slow Digesting Carbs Vs Fast Digesting

Knowing the difference between slow and fast digesting carbs can provide a huge boost in your weight loss efforts. Here's what they have in common. Both provide energy as they become simple sugars broken down in your body by your intestines. The duration of how fast they're broken down makes them differ.

Examples of Fast Carbs

  • Breads
  • Cereals
  • Sugars
  • Fruits

These fast carbs turn into simple sugars in our body meaning it's broken down faster in our intestines. How's this beneficial? It helps with recovery after a workout as it restores glycogen levels. On the other hand, too much fast carbs can elevate blood sugars and cause weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Examples of Slow Carbs

  • Vegetables
  • Whole Grains
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Beans
  • Peas

All of which have a low glycemic index and can provide our bodies with energy over an extended amount of time. Unlike fast digesting carbs, the consumption of slow carbs will not spike your blood sugar. This is great as it'll help manage diabetes and more so control weight loss.

Carbs Provide The Best Workouts!

Let's face it, some days we just feel weak without energy. With no energy comes no motivation to hit the gym, and with no motivation comes weight gain. Why is this? Well most of the time it's the lack of carbohydrates consumed before a workout.

As mentioned previously, carbohydrates is an energy source that our body utilizes. Prior to your workout, any slow digesting carbs is beneficial for a long lasting, energy packed, and amazing workout. Post workout you'll utilize fast digesting carbs to help restore glycogen (energy) quickly.

Top 3 Supplements To Shred Fat | 2018

If you're looking for the BEST fat burning supplements in the market you've come to the right place.

With 100's of fat burners in the market it can be difficult to choose which one is effective and worth your time, money, and efforts.

We've carefully reviewed 5 fat burning supplements which have made the list for best value, quality of ingredients, and price in 2018.


First on our list goes to Quadra Lean by RSP. If you've been following my posts and my diet, you'll know that I currently use L-Carnitine & CLA from RSP. The beauty of Quadra Lean is that it combines these 2 ingredients along with several other essential fat burning elements. If you're looking for a stimulant free / no caffeine fat burner, then this is definitely an option for you.

Main Fat Burning Ingredients:

  • Green Tea Extract: Provides excellent appetite control, a boost in metabolism, and clean energy throughout the day.
  • CLA: A naturally occurring fatty acid found in meat and dairy products. It is also a popular dietary supplement that is sold with claims of helping people lose fat, maintain weight loss, retain lean muscle mass, and control type 2 diabetes -- the type of diabetes that is often associated with obesity.
  • L-Carnitine: Plays an essential role in the transportation of fats to the mitochondria, where they're converted to energy.
  • Paradoxine: Transforms your white fat cells into brown fat cells, increasing energy expenditure and boosting weight loss. An added benefit to brown fat is that it can use blood sugar (glucose) and fats, leading to improved lipid levels and glucose metabolism, independent of weight loss! White Fat is your body’s energy storage cells. Whatever extra calories aren’t immediately needed by the body are stored as “white” fat and are used when food intake is reduced. [1] White fat cells are large, round cells comprised of one big lipid droplet with a thin rim containing the nucleus and cytoplasm. Brown Fat, on the other hand, is the fat used for diet and cold-induced thermogenesis, maintaining your body’s normal temperature when exposed to cold. [1] The technical term for this is “non-shivering thermogenesis.” Brown fat cells aren’t only different in function than white fat cells, they’re structure is also different. Brown fat cells are comprised of smaller diameter cells, containing several smaller fat droplets compared to the one massive droplet that’s found in white fat.
  • Chromium: No huge effect in regards to weight loss.

Amazon Rating 4/5 Stars 447 Reviews



Trans4orm has established itself as a solid supplement company by providing only high quality ingredients. Their mission statement is as follows "Our mission is to be your most trusted nutrition partner to achieve your fitness goals.  We're built on a passion for nutrition, health and sport, and committed to constantly evolving our products to ensure they are the most innovative, highest quality and effective nutritional supplements available".

Main Fat Burning Ingredients

  • Green Tea Coffee bean: contains compounds called catechins, including epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the main catechin responsible for green tea's thermogenic effects.
  • L- Tyrosine: Key Amino Acid that helps support metabolism, mood and support energy levels. An important ingredient to help overcome fatigue during dieting
  • Coleus Extract: Supplies forskolin and is most effective when mixed with caffeine.
  • Alpha-GPC: Supports mental activity and focus during training as well as provides a choline source to the brain for acetylcholine production.
  • Yohimbe Extract: Supports weight management in a fasted state.
  • Bioperine: Increases the bioavailability of additional supplements.
  • Huperzia Serrata: Supports mental focus and concentration during training.
  • B Vitamin Complex: Combination of Vitamin B3, B6, B12 and Folic Acid to support cellular energy production and support metabolism levels.

Amazon.com Rating: 4.5 / 5 Stars 1800+ Reviews


VINTAGE BURN - Old School Labs


With over 6 thousand reviews on Amazon, Vintage Burn by Old School Labs has definitely made a statement. Their mission statement claims that this is "The only muscle preserving fat burner" in the market.  Do I believe this is true? It's a hit or miss. The best way to preserve muscle is to have higher protein consumption in your diet while maintaining a calorie deficit. So in theory, their mission statement is not 100% accurate. However what I like about this fat burner is that it's packed with 9 quality ingredients that are clinically proven to torch unwanted fat.

Main Fat Burning Ingredients

  • Green Coffee Bean: Curbs body fat absorption
  • Garcinia Cambogia: Stops formation of new fat cells
  • Rasberry Ketones: More energy and appetite control
  • Green Tea Leaf: Faster resting Metabolic Rate
  • Olive Leaf Extract: Reduces the amount and concentration of fat around the abdominal area and it may also help in reducing harmful fat deposits in other areas of the body too.
  • Caffeine: Can boost the metabolic rate and increase fat burning, but after a while people become tolerant to the effects and it stops working.
  • Bacopa Leaf Extract: Improves memory, anxiety, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), allergic conditions, irritable bowel syndrome, and as a general tonic to fight stress. Less stress is correlated with retaining less fat.
  • Chrysin: Chrysin limits fat molecule damage (lipid per oxidation), and thus prevents cellular membrane damage, protein damage, and the imbalance of cellular functions, an example being mitochondria’s release of calcium.
  • Forshkohlii Root Extract: Helps you lose weight by decreasing appetite and making your body more efficient at breaking down fats and lipids.

Amazon Rating 4.5 / 5 Stars 6700+ Reviews


You’re Not Shredding Fat Because Of These Reasons

You’re Not Shredding Fat Because Of These Reasons

Losing weight the easy way never works.

It's all about earning it..

& working your ass off to become the best possible version of yourself.

So here's why the average person never achieves their fitness goals..

They have lack of knowledge, discipline, and consistency.

These 3 factors are crucial to shred fat and most importantly keep it off.

Let's dive deeper into these 3 key terms.

Lack of Knowledge

I highly advise anyone serious about losing weight to educate themselves with CORRECT information the web has to offer.

I emphasize "correct" because even though the web has thousands of "fitness gurus" not all of them are necessarily correct.

Their methods may have worked for them, but you should remember that everyone's body is unique.

Yours included.

Each diet and training is individualized to what that person can realistically achieve.

Here's the thing..

If a diet program cannot mesh with your lifestyle..

YOU WILL NOT find the results you're looking for.

More so, you won't be able to keep up with it.

But here's the truth about shredding fat..

It's being in a calorie deficit.

Whether this is via diet or training, it really doesn't matter.

Doing one or the other can guarantee fat loss.

Matter of fact, if you do both you'll optimally guarantee a calorie deficit.

What else can you do?

You can add my personal favorite fat burning supplements to your arsenal.



Why I love these supplements? Because it helps metabolize unwanted fat and helps utilize it for energy.

I've used these 2 supplements during my entire cut (diet) and continue to use it till this day.

Here's a current progress pic as of 8/18/2018


As you can see i'm currently around 9% body fat and am planning to drop even more.

However, I do want to warn you that these fat burning supplements ARE NOT going to work without proper nutrition and training.

So don't go off buying these pills and expect them to work by themselves.

Discipline & Consistency

These 2 terms are dependent of each other..

It takes discipline to actually START..

A lot of people to to say they'll start a diet but never do..

They keep pushing it of until they look in the mirror and see themselves 10 pounds heavier..

Well that's where the discipline comes in.

You need to START in order to FINISH.

So what happens when you start your fitness journey? You have to be consistent.

Time and time again I've seen people take the first step in starting, but don't have the consistency.

Eating 1 salad or training super hard one day is great..

But doing that consistently is what gets you results.

If you're looking to change your body the RIGHT WAY, inquiring about my online coaching will help you accomplish the 3 terms we just went over.

The programs that I create are completely personalized and allows you to eat foods you enjoy.

You get to live your life and burn fat the right way.

Email me

How To Stay Fit At The Office in 2018

Whether you're a part-timer or a full-timer, working an office job while staying fit can be troublesome.

Here's why..

We're constantly bombarded with FREE food and bad habits.

Yes, I get it..

Some companies may offer more perks than others..

However at the end of the day..

Most companies will provide an infinite amount of coffee and creamer.

Oh and don't forget..

There's always that one co-worker that will bring a box of doughnuts every Friday.

So with that being said, the office can be a battlefield of unwanted calories and bad habits.

But you my friend are different..

You seek a solution that allows you to use the negative elements to your advantage..

And here's how.


SKIP THE CREAMER & USE CINNAMONThese small creamers may look innocently fat free, but each capsule provides a whopping 15 calories each.

Solution, opt in for black coffee spiced with cinnamon. It may take some getting used to but the long term benefits are much more beneficial for your fitness goals.

How To Stay Fit At The Office in 2018

Here's why..

Black coffee + Cinnamon actually works as a fat burner. Studies have shown that Cinnamon contains characteristics that can lower blood sugar levels which ultimately keeps you feeling fuller, longer.

Moreover, the small amount of cinnamon can help metabolize blood sugar more effectively which in turn lowers the fatty acids in our bodies.

So how much cinnamon? One can benefit with adding a pinch to a 16oz cup of black coffee.


GET ACTIVEMost companies have access to a third party gym or have their own facilities.

Use them! It's complimentary!

The best way to get a workout in is either before work or during lunch. At these times the gyms are typically empty.

What does that mean? You'll get an efficient workout and will make it to work, ON TIME.

I do know a lot of people that opt to exercising after work..

This is okay however just know that 5-7pm is PRIME TIME. Don't be surprised if you end up playing the waiting game for your favorite machine.


TAKE THE STAIRSIf your office has a stairwell, use it! There's no better way to burn extra calories than taking the harder way up.

Let's crunch some numbers..

Each stair climbed is about 0.17 calories burned while .05 calories are burned while descending. So if you think about it, going up and down a flight of stairs (12 steps) can a lot to 3 -5 calories burned!


STAND UPIf your desk allows, it's recommended to work while standing for at least 1 hour per day. As mentioned in the article '5 Best Ways To Boost Your Metabolism In 2018' you can lose up to 8 pounds of fat!


MEAL PREPFailing to prepare is preparing to fail. We've all been guilty of settling for fast food because we just didn't have the time to prepare our lunch.

But think about it..

If you spend about 1-2 hours preparing food for the next day..

You'll save yourself not only unwanted calories but MONEY as well.

More so, you'll be in complete control of how much calories you're consuming..

Remember, the leaner the foods you eat

The easier it is to prep..

5 Negative Symptoms Of Not Eating Enough Protein

Protein is god. The ultimate building block for creating lean muscle. A crucial element that facilitates weight loss and overall health.

In a perfect world, our community would be eating a high protein diet (1 gram of protein / bodyweight).

Unfortunately, our society has provided us with fast food chains that offer cheap meals consisting of high carbs and high fats.

And as much as we try to avoid fast food restaurants, sometimes the convenience factor draws us in.

Have you ever wondered why fast food is so damn cheap?

It’s because there’s little to no protein in each meal!

Protein is expensive..

It’s vital.

And unless you become a protein savvy consumer, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Think you’re low on protein? Check the symptoms below.

Muscle loss

This one is the most obvious if you have a general understanding of how protein works. If you don’t here’s a quick run down.

Protein is the foundation for building muscle.

Without it our body starts to break down our muscles for energy which leads to a loss of strength.

What else is sad about not having not enough protein? Your metabolism slows down! Which can lead to weight gain. You can read all about how you can speed up your metabolism in ”5 Best Ways To Increase Your Metabolism In 2018 “.

Constant Sickness

Protein doesn’t just help build sexy toned muscles. It also facilitates in creating a healthy immune system.

How so?

Well the role of protein can help with fighting infections and also viruses.

So without an abundance of protein, our bodies will break down muscle for energy before using it to fight illnesses.

Craving all types of food

If you’ve ever craved an abundance of unnecessary snacks and meals..

It may be due to having a high carb / sugar and low protein diet.

The solution?

Eat more protein because it will even out your blood sugar.

Hair Loss

If for some reason you’ve noticed that your hair is getting thinner or falling out, you may want to look into how much protein you're consuming.

Here’s why..

When an individual is deficient in protein, their body stops growing new hairs to conserve the protein that they have left over.

Being that protein is fundamental for regenerating all cells, hair follicles included..

High protein is a must!

Slow recovery from injuries

Since protein is a building block and regenerates all new cells, slow recovery is obvious if an individual is protein deficient.

Add more protein to your diet and you’ll recover faster, period. 


If any of these symptoms apply to you, it won’t hurt to add more protein to your diet.

Remember, having about 1 gram of protein per bodyweight is the fundamental rule of how much protein you should be consuming.

For instance, if you weigh 150 pounds you’ll need to consume 150 grams of protein.

5 Best Ways To Boost Your Metabolism In 2018

5 Best Ways To Boost Your Metabolism In 2018

It's 2018 and whether you've started a new years resolution or not, knowing how to optimize your metabolism is crucial to your fitness goals.

Let's first define metabolism in the simplest way possible. Your metabolism is the collaboration of all your body functions working together to keep you moving. For instance, our metabolism is the main system that breaks down our foods and turns them into energy. It's like the engine in your car. If the engine starts breaking down, the car no longer runs smoothly. SAME GOES FOR OUR BODIES.

So how do we maintain or improve our metabolism so we can have the best functional body to feel and look good?

It's easy! Behold 5 of the best ways to boost your metabolism starting today!


KEEP EATINGBelieve it or not, but the more you eat the more you'll burn calories.

Let's put this into perspective. Our metabolism works when it's put to use. If you're starving yourself, your metabolism isn't offered any work to break down food.

The result?

A rusty metabolism that becomes inefficient.

So here's how to combat this. Eat more healthier foods. Matter of fact, eat more foods that are tailored to your fitness goals.

For instance, if you're trying to lose weight while looking toned..

Eat 4-5 high protein meals that keeps you in a calorie deficit.

Don't know how much calories to eat? Check out article ' 4 Insanely Simple Steps To Lose Weight ' which shows you how to calculate your total maintenance calories.

So here's a general rule of thumb.

Eat more meals while eating less than your total maintenance calories.

Burn more calories through exercise.

Add weight training to build lean muscle. More lean muscle actually allows you to burn more calories at rest.


HOT SAUCESpice up your diet with hot sauce.

Why? Because hot sauce can reap benefits that help with speeding up your metabolism.

The culprit is Capsaicin. This chemical is what gives the "hot" in hot sauce. When consuming enough hot sauce, our body increases in temperature which then activates our metabolism.

The goal of our metabolism at this point is to lower our temperature back to normal.

Remember the more you activate your metabolism, the more fat will be burned.

Here's another interesting fact about hot sauce. As we continue to go into a calorie deficit our body naturally slows down our metabolism, according to a 2013 study published in PLos One.

To combat this, adding hot sauce to your diet can spike your metabolism back to a fat burning machine.

So go right ahead, and spice up your life.


STAND AT WORKHow does burning an extra 30,000 calories sounds?

How does losing an extra 8 lbs of fat sound by just standing?

Amazing right?

Well studies have shown that workers have been shown to lose 50+ more calories per hour just by standing.

So if working out is not your scene, try standing at work!


SAY NO TO DIET SODAIn terms of boosting your metabolism as much as possible, diet soda can definitely do damage.

Reason is primarily due to the artificial sweeteners diet sodas use to make up for the zero calories.

So why is artificial sweeteners bad?

It screws up your bodie's metabolic response to sugar..

Thus increasing your appetite ..

Which ultimately leads to weight gain.

However! If you're disciplined with eating at a calorie deficit and are expending more calories than you consume..

Then have a diet soda from time to time won't hurt.


ALCOHOL INCREASES WEIGHT GAIN BY 70%A few drinks here and there will do little to your waistline if you're an active individual.

However, if exercising is not in the picture..

Or if you drink consistently..

Then alcohol can slow down your metabolism which more than likely leads can to weight gain.

Here's why..

Our body metabolizes alcohol first before any food that's been waiting to be digested.

So what happens to our metabolism? It slows by more than 70%

With this in mind, i'm sure you know what the solution is..

Either limit or stop drinking alcohol.


A healthy metabolism and diving into a calorie deficit is crucial for fat loss success.

By applying these 5 simple tips you're well off on your way into creating a better version.

If you enjoyed this article i'm sure you'll love these great reads:

14 Best Ways To Burn Fat Faster In 2017

The 3 Best Teas To Lose Weight Fast

3 Extremely Simple Tips To Burn Fat Fast

4 Insanely Simple Steps To Lose Weight

Everyone wants to learn how to lose weight quick and easy, but the steps to get there can be rather complicated and confusing.

Think about it, there's thousands of combinations of workouts to try, dozens of diet fads, and most importantly commercial gyms that hustle you with training sessions.

But here's the good news..

It's not as complicated as you may think..

You see the reason a lot of people give up on their weight loss goals is not because it's hard..

But because they never had a clear path to their goal.

In order to succeed in losing weight fast and easy, you must simplify the steps.


Losing weight is a matter of burning more calories than what you consume.

More so, staying under your total maintenance calories for the day.

If you don’t know what maintenance calories are..

Let me break it down for you.

If you want to lose weight fast, you'll need to know how much calories to consume in order to maintain your current weight.

There is no workaround this if you want quick results.

3500 Calories = 1 Pound

If your goal is to lose 10 pounds

That's a total of 35,000 calories.

Seems like a large number right? It's actually not that bad if you know how to work the numbers.

Let's say you didn't want to train and wanted to only watch your diet.

Well in order to lose weight with just dieting, you'll need to know your


Knowing your TMC/TDEE is crucial because consuming calories above your maintenance calories will lead to weight gain and vice versa.

To fully understand the mechanics of TDEE and taking control of your diet, definitely check out our new book "Macros". In this book you'll discover all the formulas and secrets that will allow you to lose weight fast.


APPETITEIn the article 4 Crucial Tips To Stop Hunger In Its Tracks we go over how hunger can lead to overeating. Remember the maintenance calories we went over? Well overeating can mess up this (TMC) number.

Quit unconsciously snacking!

Think of our appetite as a safety net..

If you're able to control it, you control how much you lose.

Quick tip: Drinking more water makes you fuller.


HIIT TRAININGI love HIIT training. It's intense and reaps so much fat burning benefits. Once you become accustomed to doing this regularly, the training gets easier and easier.

One of the primary benefits of HIIT training is it's ability to burn calories at rest.

What does this mean? Well if you're sitting down reading your emails after an intense HIIT workout, know you're burning calories.

Crazy? Yes, but it's an awesome crazy.


4 Insanely Simple Steps To Lose WeightOut of all the factors i've described so far, consistency has got to be the most important.


Well, the knowledge you learned about staying under your maintenance calories is great and all..

But if you're not consistent in staying under your TMC (Total Maintenance Calories)

Or are not consistent in training..

You will NOT reach your goals

I repeat, the opportunity of losing weight fast and easy is diminished when you're not consistent.


So there you have it, 4 insanely simple steps on how you can lose weight quick and easy. Remember, losing weight can be easy..

You just need to utilize the tools and knowledge given to you (like this article)

And don't forget to be consistent!

If you feel others can benefit from this article, feel free to share this with them!

I wish you the best in your weight loss journey.

14 Best Ways To Burn Fat Faster In 2017


 Green Tea

Probably the most popular tools to lose weight is drinking a freshly brewed cup of green tea.

The benefits not only boosts your metabolism, but provides a plethora of health benefits. However, you didn’t click into this article for health benefits, you want to know what helps burn fat.

Green tea contains an antioxidant known as catechins which helps our liver utilize fat for energy. It’s also a known fact that individuals who drink 4 cups of green tea daily, lost an average of two additional pounds compared to not consuming green tea.

If you love tea and its fat burning benefits, you should definitely check out “The 3 Best Teas To Lose Weight Fast.”

Increase the intensity

If you want to burn fat more efficiently and boost your metabolism, you need to find ways to increase your heart rate during workouts.

This is what we call HIIT Training. The philosophy behind HIIT, is to increase your heart rate to create excess post-oxygen consumption, a.k.a. EPOC. The term EPOC allows us to burn calories hours after we’ve finished our workout.

Awesome right? If you don’t know where to start when it comes to HIIT training, here’s a quick sample.

  1. 2 minute sprint on the treadmill
  2. 10 deadlifts
  3. 2 minute sprint on the treadmill
  4. Mountain climbers
  5. 10 burpees

Save the yolk!

Yeah we’ve all heard that eating the yolk brings forth cholesterol issues and weight gain..

However, recent studies have shown that moderate consumption of egg yolk may actually improve an individuals fat storage.

How so?

Well the yolk contains a fat burning compound called Choline which destroys the gene that naturally stores fat around our liver.

Whole grains for the win

It’s all about making your metabolism work harder and whole grains can do this for you.

How so?

Well our body spends a lot more time breaking down whole foods such as brown rice and oatmeal to name a few. The extra effort is what increases our metabolism, hence more calories lost.

Toss Diet Sodas

Even though diet sodas claim zero calories, the artificial sweeteners are what you should be aware of.

Research shows that consuming the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas can literally mess up yours body’s natural metabolic response to sugar.

What does this mean?

A depressing road to weight gain and increased appetites.

Almonds, a must have

Scientists have claimed that individuals that consumed more almonds lost more weight in a 1 month period.

Here’s why..

Almonds are rich in monosaturated fats which increases your insulin level. What does that mean? It creates the feeling of being full which then allows you to eat less!

Sip on some Kola Nut Tea

If you need something stronger than coffee, Kola nut provides a higher caffeine count.

Studies form the journal Physiology & Behavior has revealed a 4 percent increase in metabolic rate.

Eat more Yogurt

Studies have shown that when incorporating yogurt in a low calorie diet, individuals benefited from a quick metabolism boost. Not only can yogurt help burn calories, but it also provides a great source of protein!

More protein = More lean muscle mass

Laugh a lot

A little out of the ordinary and I bet you didn’t expect laughing to make it on our list. However, laughing for a good 15 minutes can burn up to 170 calories. So go ahead and get someone to tickle you.

That yellow stuff, Mustard

Eating 1 teaspoon of mustard will boost your metabolism by 25 percent, period.

Vinegar burns fat

You can significantly burn unwanted fat by drinking 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar for 3 months.

Vinegar has characteristics that utilize proteins to help break down fat.

Nap and gain weight

Recent studies have found that individuals that take naps during the day burn about 60 calories less than staying awake till the evening.

Vitamin D supplements

If you already take a Vitamin D supplement, you’re already on the right track. The consumption of vitamin D preserves fat burning metabolic muscle tissues.

Drink water, more water

You heard it before and i’ll mention this again. Water helps you lose weight.

By consistently drinking water, you receive a hefty metabolism boost, a body cleanse, and a suppressed appetite.


There you have it, 14 simple and effective ways to boost your metabolism and burn fat. Combine everything you’ve learned today with the ‘10 foods that will turn your body into a fat burning machine‘ and you should be golden.

The 3 Best Teas To Lose Weight Fast

Working out and eating a proper diet is awesome, but did you know you can shred fat from your waist line by just drinking tea?

If you're unfamiliar with drinking tea, you should know that the content of specific teas can reap extremely positive benefits.

Such benefits include organic energy, improved brain health, and beautiful skin.

But you're not here today to learn about that, you're here to discover which teas melt the fat right off your waist line.

So let's get straight to it, here are the 3 best teas to lose weight fast.

Barberry Tea

Barberry Tea

If you're not a tea connoisseur, the name Barberry may sound unfamiliar to you. However, Barberry Tea is actually a great tea to have in your arsenal. Here's why, Barberry contains a powerful chemical known as berberine. This chemical not only shreds fat, but prevents weight gain and more so the production of insulin.

Buy Barberry Tea From Amazon - https://amzn.to/2GKkHt7

White Tea

White Tea

If you don't have White Tea in your arsenal, you're skipping a bunch of fat loss opportunities. A recent study has found that drinking white tea can not only block new fat cells, but more so break down your stored fats. What's even more impressive? White tea has the ability to use existing fat for energy. So throw away that waist trainer and combine White tea with the 10 foods that will turn you body into a fat burning machine.

Buy White Tea From Amazon - https://amzn.to/2J70YJD

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea

What is matcha? Matcha is pretty much the green tea you're used to drinking but in a concentrated powder form. Both are derived from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. So what does matcha have to do with you shredding fat? Well, green tea in general improves your metabolism by sourcing unwanted fat cells and converting them into energy. Being that Matcha is super concentrated, you're actually reaping the benefits of 8 green tea cups in one serving! Sure saves a bunch of time.

Buy Matcha Green Tea From Amazon - https://amzn.to/2GMUbiK

3 Extremely Simple Tips To Burn Fat Fast

With so many fat burning techniques on the internet, putting them all together can be a complicating task.

It can be a discouraging task that drives a lot of people into a trial and error frenzy!

Whether you want to burn fat and lose weight or burn fat to build lean muscle, you're in good hands.

Here are 3 simple tips that will help you with your fitness journey.

1. Fasted Cardio

You may have heard of this, may have not..

But the idea behind fasted cardio is working out on an empty stomach.

Why workout on an empty stomach you ask?

Well the key is to allow our body to extract energy directly from our fat storage.

The moment we wake up, our bodies are depleted of carbohydrates therefore our body extracts from the next best thing, Fats.

2. HIIT Training


This method of training is extremely effective in spiking our metabolism to burn fat throughout the day.

Try to get in a HIIT workout in the morning so you can burn spend the rest of the day shredding calories.

Now doesn't that sound nice?

3. Avoid Fancy Sports Drinks

Unless you're working out for more than an hour and depleting your carbs, sports drinks may be overkill.

Here's the thing, sports drinks have a sugar content that may end up turning into fat if not burned off.

That's why it's ideal to drink water to avoid racking up unwanted calories.