This Is How You Screwed Up Your Weight Loss Goals

Time and time again people will come to me for advice on why they’re not losing the weight they want.

They’ve tried all the weight loss fads, starved themselves, and even bought 25 different fat burners.

Well here’s the thing.

The primary reason why most people don’t end up losing weight is simply the lack of consistency and dedication.

Because think about it.

If someone works out and eats at a calorie deficit only one day out of the week, do you think they’ll achieve their body goals?

Hell no.

It’s all about consistency and being dedicated to continuing to be consistent.

Losing weight is pretty simple.

Eat at a calorie deficit and have awesome workouts to bring that calorie deficit down even further.

You need to lose 3500 calories a day to lose 1 pound of fat.

So putting it all together, if you’re consistently burning calories a day through diet and exercise, you’ll be dropping weight in no time!

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4 Simple Tips To Lose Weight | Marina Hanna

Just recently I teamed up with Marina Hanna, a 3X Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini competitor. Marina has also established herself as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. With her background and experience, she’s been able to inspire communities as well as transform the lives of her clients.

Her goal is to continue competing and strives to compete at the ultimate level, the Olympia. She actually has a show this upcoming Saturday, March 30th. So if you see her around make sure to wish her the best!

With that said, Marina has provided her insights of how you can start losing weight with 5 simple tips.

Here’s what she said:


“So first of all I would talk about how a lot of people don't take advantage of sleep. Sleep can help you so much with losing weight as it allows your body to reset. Sleep for about 8 hours to help with recovery. As long as you’ve wakened up energetic in the morning, you’ve gotten a good nights sleep."

Drink More Water

“Water is the second thing. Drink lots and lots of it. The less water you drink, the more dehydrated your body becomes. Drinking water will help you to feel more refreshed and metabolize more fat."

Eat more

“Eating a lot more balanced meals every 3 hours is what I would recommend. Balanced meals will contain your protein, fats, and carbs. Another thing I would recommend is to always have your meals ready to eat, do not fail to prepare your food.”

More lifting less cardio

“Do not do cardio more than weight training. A lot of women get the misconception that doing any form of lifting will cause you to look masculine. However, lifting weights actually helps to burn more calories at rest. So go ahead and build more lean muscle through lifting. With that said, cardio should still be done for overall cardiovascular health, and to burn extra calories.

Keep up with Marina's journey by following her on instagram. @marina1hanna

14 simple ways to lose weight super fast

14 Simple Ways To Lose Weight Super Fast

We all strive for the perfect body.

However, some of us don’t know how to get there.

It can be frustrating when we plateau with our fitness goals, because quite frankly..

We want results A.S.A.P

So what do we do? We seek knowledge.

Now I don’t have a magic pill for you..

But what i’ll be revealing to you today is simple and most importantly, effective.

So are you ready?

Here are the 14 simple and effective fat burning methods that will definitely help you lose weight super fast.

Green Tea

14 simple ways to lose weight super fast

Probably the most popular tools to lose weight is drinking a freshly brewed cup of green tea.

The benefits not only boosts your metabolism, but provides a plethora of health benefits. However, you didn’t click into this article for health benefits, you want to know what helps burn fat.

Green tea contains an antioxidant known as catechins which helps our liver utilize fat for energy. It’s also a known fact that individuals who drink 4 cups of green tea daily, lost an average of two additional pounds compared to not consuming green tea.

If you love tea and its fat burning benefits, you should definitely check out “The 3 Best Teas To Lose Weight Fast.”

Increase the intensity

14 simple ways to lose weight super fast

If you want to burn fat more efficiently and boost your metabolism, you need to find ways to increase your heart rate during workouts.

This is what we call HIIT Training. The philosophy behind HIIT, is to increase your heart rate to create excess post-oxygen consumption, a.k.a. EPOC. The term EPOC allows us to burn calories hours after we’ve finished our workout.

Awesome right? If you don’t know where to start when it comes to HIIT training, here’s a quick sample.

  1. 2 minute sprint on the treadmill
  2. 10 deadlifts
  3. 2 minute sprint on the treadmill
  4. Mountain climbers
  5. 10 burpees

Save the yolk!

14 simple ways to lose weight super fast

Yeah we’ve all heard that eating the yolk brings forth cholesterol issues and weight gain..

However, recent studies have shown that moderate consumption of egg yolk may actually improve an individuals fat storage.

How so?

Well the yolk contains a fat burning compound called Choline which destroys the gene that naturally stores fat around our liver.

Whole grains for the win

14 simple ways to lose weight super fast

It’s all about making your metabolism work harder and whole grains can do this for you.

How so?

Well our body spends a lot more time breaking down whole foods such as brown rice and oatmeal to name a few. The extra effort is what increases our metabolism, hence more calories lost.

Toss Diet Sodas

14 simple ways to lose weight super fast

Even though diet sodas claim zero calories, the artificial sweeteners are what you should be aware of.

Research shows that consuming the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas can literally mess up yours body’s natural metabolic response to sugar.

What does this mean?

A depressing road to weight gain and increased appetites.

Almonds, a must have

14 simple ways to lose weight super fast

Scientists have claimed that individuals that consumed more almonds lost more weight in a 1 month period.

Here’s why..

Almonds are rich in mono-saturated fats which increases your insulin level. What does that mean? It creates the feeling of being full which then allows you to eat less!

Sip on some Kola Nut Tea

14 simple ways to lose weight super fast

If you need something stronger than coffee, Kola nut provides a higher caffeine count.

Studies form the journal Physiology & Behavior has revealed a 4 percent increase in metabolic rate.

Eat more Yogurt

14 simple ways to lose weight super fast

Studies have shown that when incorporating yogurt in a low calorie diet, individuals benefited from a quick metabolism boost. Not only can yogurt help burn calories, but it also provides a great source of protein!

More protein = More lean muscle mass

Laugh a lot

14 simple ways to lose weight super fast

A little out of the ordinary and I bet you didn’t expect laughing to make it on our list. However, laughing for a good 15 minutes can burn up to 170 calories. So go ahead and get someone to tickle you.

That yellow stuff, Mustard

14 simple ways to lose weight super fast

Eating 1 teaspoon of mustard will boost your metabolism by 25 percent, period.

Vinegar burns fat

14 simple ways to lose weight super fast

You can significantly burn unwanted fat by drinking 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar for 3 months.

Vinegar has characteristics that utilize proteins to help break down fat.

Nap and gain weight

14 simple ways to lose weight super fast

Recent studies have found that individuals that take naps during the day burn about 60 calories less than staying awake till the evening.

Vitamin D supplements

14 simple ways to lose weight super fast

If you already take a Vitamin D supplement, you’re already on the right track. The consumption of vitamin D preserves fat burning metabolic muscle tissues.

Drink water, more water

14 simple ways to lose weight super fast

You heard it before and i’ll mention this again. Water helps you lose weight.

By consistently drinking water, you receive a hefty metabolism boost, a body cleanse, and a suppressed appetite.


There you have it, 14 simple and effective ways to boost your metabolism and lose weight. Combine everything you’ve learned today with the ‘10 foods that will turn your body into a fat burning machine‘ and you should be golden.


4 Best In N Out Burger Hacks To Lose Weight

Who said you can’t eat fast foods and not lose weight?

In this article we’ll be talking exclusively on how you can still lose weight by eating at In N Out Burger. Some of the concepts in this article can also be applied to other burger joints.

But let’s first get one thing straight.

It’s highly recommended to know how much calories you need to be eating in order to lose weight. That way you can apply these In N Out hacks more effectively.

Don’t know how much calories to eat in order to lose weight? Check out the Marcos Ebook.

With that said let’s get to the hacks.

Go Bunless (Protein Style)

Image result for in n out protein style

If you don’t need the extra carbs, get rid of it! That’s exactly what a protein style In N Out burger is, a burger wrapped in lettuce in place of burger buns.

So how much calories do you save by ditching the buns? Well let’s compare a classic double double burger with buns and one without.

Regular Double Double Burger w/ Buns

Fats: 41g

Carbs: 39g

Protein: 37g

Total Calories: 670

Protein Style Double Double

Fats: 39g

Carbs: 11g

Protein: 33g

Total Calories: 520

As you can see, there’s a total of..


That you could be saving if you do without the buns.

Skip the fries


If you can do without the fries, you’ll be saving yourself a large amount of excess calories.


Because 1 small tray of In N Out fries provides 395 total calories. Breaking this down into macros you’ll receive

18 grams of fat

54 grams of carbs

& 7 grams of protein

Unless you can fit this into your macros, opt out of ordering fries.

Skip the soda and drink water with lemon


Soda provides all types of unnecessary carbs and sugar. When ordering a drink opt for a water cup and some lemon slices.

You’ll save money and calories. It’s a win win situations.

Lemon Water benefits include:

  • Increases calorie burning
  • Helps remove waste from body
  • Can reduce liquid calorie intake (Prevents you from drinking beverages that will provide unnecessary calories).
  • Aids in digestion
  • Boosts immune system
  • Improves and promotes healthy skin

Add chili peppers, a lot of it


If you’ve already read the article ‘7 Of The Best Tasting Hot Sauces To Burn Fat’ then you’ll already know that chili is essential when it comes to weight loss.

These peppers aren’t on the menu, but they’re a free condiment that can easily be requested.

Another cool fact is that you can actually have these chilis added to your burger, so it’s definitely something to think about the next time you eat at In N Out.

How to stay fit while on vacation | 6 easy ways

How To Stay Fit While On Vacation | 6 Easy Ways

When it comes to traveling, staying on track with your fitness goals can be a difficult task. For most, exercising is the last activity on a busy schedule.

& I get it.

Just recently my family and I have been traveling more frequently, and I must admit..

Trying to accomplish your normal gym and diet routine can be extremely difficult.

However even with all the traveling, the vacation foods, and the driving..

Know that there are plenty of ways to stay fit and even lose weight while vacationing.

So with that said let’s get straight to it.

Here are some simple ways you can stay fit while on vacation.

Book a hotel with a gym

Whether you’re staying at a hotel or an Airbnb, double check if they have a complimentary gym. This should definitely be on your checklist when shopping around for hotel rooms.

Do know that most hotel gyms can have a subpar amount of gym equipment, however, as long as they include a set of dumbbells and some cardio machines..

You can definitely get a good workout.

Here’s a sample workout with just a treadmill and dumbbells.

Shoulders / Legs / Conditioning

Dumbbell Squat Press

1 Minute

Moderate Weight

Straight into Treadmill Sprints - If you can’t sprint walking on the treadmill incline is completely fine.

30 Seconds

Dumbbell Flys

1 Minute

Light to moderate weight

Straight into Treadmill Sprints or Incline Walks

30 seconds

Do this routine 4 times.

As you can see, having only dumbbells and a treadmill can make a great HIIT workout. It’s really about what you make of the equipment not the equipment itself.

Because honestly..

You don’t need a super fancy gym to get things done, matter of fact you can get a complete workout with just a pull up bar and a yoga mat!

So let’s say you find the perfect hotel that unfortunately doesn’t provide a gym..

There’s a solution.

Research and check local gyms in the area to see if you can opt for a visitors pass. Better yet, if you already have a gym membership, check if there’s branches of your gym in the area.

Order smart at restaurants

A lot of people will tell you to avoid eating out if you want to lose weight, however, the truth is the complete opposite.

Matter of fact, I know a lot of people that lose weight by only eating out.

Why do they do this? Because it’s convenient!

So how do they accomplish this?

Well the best way to approach this is by first knowing how much calories you need to eat per day in order to lose weight.

Remember, losing weight is about always being in a calorie deficit. So by knowing how much calories to eat, you’re more equipped on knowing what to order. More so, your diet can be a lot more flexible.

So if you don’t know how to count your calories, definitely check out my ebook called ‘MACROS’. In this book you’ll discover how to calculate your own calorie deficit and also learn how to apply it to all your meals. Click here to learn more.

Carry around more water

Water provides all sorts of fat burning benefits.

It’s free if you find a water fountain and it’s super cheap compared to sodas or other drinks.

Best of all?

It’s zero calories!

We have an entire segment as to how water helps with weight loss in the article ‘4 Extremely Simple Ways To Lose Weight & Shred Fat’.

Workout super early

By getting your workout done super early in the morning, you’ll have more time to spend on your vacation.

Trust me, it’s very difficult to squeeze a workout in while you’re juggling multiple thing on your itinerary.

But AJ what if i’m not a morning person that tends to press the snooze button all the time? Well you should definitely check out ‘8 Simple Ways To Get Up For An Early Morning Workout’.

So before your day gets busy, have some ME time by working out early in the morning..

You’ll thank yourself later.

Plan your vacation itinerary with workouts included

This is a rather simple idea. Weeks or months before your actual trip, sit down and see if you can pre-plan your workout in the itinerary.


Because if you fail to plan then you plan to fail

Ohh that’s nice huh? Share that quote with your friends ;)

Pack Protein Bars and Powders

Ideally you’ll want to consume 1 gram of protein per bodyweight. So if you weigh 150 pounds you’ll need to consume 150 grams of protein a day.

Let’s be honest, it’s extremely difficult to reach that amount of protein if you’re bombarded with vacation foods.


Well depending where you eat vacation foods can typically be stuffed with more carbs and fats than anything else.

So what’s the best thing to do?

Pack protein bars.

Protein bars provide the best convenience for meal replacements or to simply hit your protein intake.

At our most recent trip to Disneyland, Power Crunch bars were a lifesaver! Not only did it help me reach my protein intake, but it also saved me money from actually purchasing Disney Park Foods.

Don’t know which protein bars to buy? Definitely check out the article ‘Top 4 Best Tasting Protein Bars’.

Here’s also quick list of my favorite protein bars:

  1. Pure Protein Bar
  2. One Protein Bar
  3. Power Crunch Bar
  4. Fit Crunch Bar

8 Simple Ways To Get Up For An Early Morning Workout

8 Simple Ways To Get Up For An Early Morning Workout

It’s super early in the morning.

The alarm goes off and your first instinct is to smash the snooze button.

So what ends up happening?

You press the snooze button and end up missing your early morning workout.

It sucks and I get it, but know that we’re all guilty of doing this one time or another.

However there’s some good news! In this article I’ll be going over 8 simple ways on how you can stay motivated to NOT press the snooze button and kill an early morning workout.

Ready? Let’s go.

Set 20+ alarms

8 Simple Ways To Get Up For An Early Morning Workout

This method has always worked for me. Every smartphone has an alarm, so set alarms 5 minutes apart from each other. 20+ alarms is just an exaggeration, however, if that’s how many you need then more power to you!

Another awesome way is to set up two different alarms. So maybe setup an alarm on your phone and one from a digital clock. Why set up more than one? To get your brain thinking.

Place your alarm across the room

8 Simple Ways To Get Up For An Early Morning Workout

It’s been shown that by actually getting up from bed you’re more likely to stay up. So once you get up to turn off the alarm, exit the room, and head into the kitchen for a cup of water.

Sleep in your gym clothes

8 Simple Ways To Get Up For An Early Morning Workout

It sucks when you have to look for your favorite gym wear super early in the morning. The inconvenience of looking for clothes can demotivate us to get up from bed. So plan what you’re going to wear and sleep in it.

Prep your drinks and breakfast the night before

8 Simple Ways To Get Up For An Early Morning Workout

Just like the gymwear, prepping your drinks can also be a hassle early in the morning. Prep all your blender bottles with pre workout, bcaas, and protein. You’ll thank yourself later.

Plan your entire workout beforehand

8 Simple Ways To Get Up For An Early Morning Workout

Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you don’t have a plan for your early morning workout, you’ll most likely be doing random exercises that don’t necessarily get you to your goal. So plan all the exercises, sets, reps, and even cardio.

Sleep earlier

8 Simple Ways To Get Up For An Early Morning Workout

This one is pretty self explanatory. The later you go to sleep the least likely you’ll wake up early, especially for a workout. So if you’re truly serious about working out early, do yourself a favor and sleep early.

Plan the workout with a gym buddy.

8 Simple Ways To Get Up For An Early Morning Workout

If they’re more motivated than you, have them wake you up! Remember, if you have a support system that will help you get out of bed, use it!

Drink your preworkout or coffee the moment you wake up

8 Simple Ways To Get Up For An Early Morning Workout

This is probably the best and most effective way to wake up. Here’s what you need to do. Prep your pre-workout or coffee the night before.

Next you’ll conveniently place it next to your alarm.

Once that first alarm goes off in the morning, drink your preworkout / coffee. You’ll get an instant jolt of energy which will prevent you from jumping back into bed.


7 Of The Best Tasting Hot Sauces To Burn Fat

You want to know the secret sauce for weight loss?

Take a guess..

It’s hot sauce.

I’m sure you already knew this when clicking into this article, but let me tell you something about hot sauce.

It helps to burn all types of fat.

For instance, adding spice to your food can boost your metabolism as much as 10%. How is this possible? It's the ingredient Capsaicin.

Capsaicin is the main element that gives chilies it's spice.

So as hot sauce enters your body, it naturally raises your internal body temperatures, causing your body to turn into a fat burning furnace. #Thatssupernice

Here’s another benefit of hot sauce..

It can cause you to eat less.

Studies have shown that when hot sauce was added to breakfast foods or appetizers, individuals were shown to eat less during those meals. More so, they were less hungry hours afterwards.

So by knowing these awesome benefits, why wouldn’t you add hot sauce to your meals?

With that said, here are 7 of the best tasting hot sauces that will help you burn fat.



Don’t let the name of this brand distract you. The sauce is actually award winning.

Considered one of top three hot sauces in the country by Chili Pepper Magazine and the National barbecue Association.

Dirty Dick’s Hot sauce has an awesome exotic blend of Habanero peppers, Tropical fruits and Sweetness, plus freshly ground spices from around the world.


The Good Hurt Fuego


The Good Hurt Fuego is great because of its variety. Purchasing this set will include hot sauces ranging from mild to blazing hot. Some of the flavors will include garlic herb which is their mild sauce and ghost pepper which is their spiciest sauce.

What’s awesome about this brand is that with their wide array of sauces, you can literally compliment The Good Hurt Fuego with literally any food.


Here’s a list of their sauces best complemented with food.

Chipotle pepper goes best for tacos

Smokey Bourbon for BBQ

Garlic Herb for Pizza

Garlic pepper for Wings

Cayenne pepper for eggs


Yellowbird Hot Sauce


Yellowbird is awesome when it comes to being an honest company. If you’re crazy about transparent and honest ingredients, these sauces are great. Only real ingredients are used with no type of preservatives.

This hot sauce comes in a variety pack with all different types of chilis. Benefit of this? You’ll never get tired of the sauce.


Zombie Apocalypse Ghost Chili Hot Sauce


This hot sauce, it’s hot.

With the combination of ghost chili peppers and habeneros, you get 2 of the hottest chilis condensed into liquid form. If you love super hot, this is for you.

Matter of fact, this hot sauce goes well with all types of recipes.

Check out this recipe, Sexy Guacamole.


1 cup of your favorite salsa

2 oz of Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce

3 ripe avocados minced into small cubes

Juice from 1 lime

Fresh cilantro chopped fine to taste

Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl using a potato masher or something equivalent. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. Then BAM you got yourself one sexy spicy guacamole.


Bushwick Kitchen Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha Chili Hot Sauce


If you love Sriracha, the Bushwick Kitchen version is definitely one to consider. It’s the classic Sriracha Rooster sauce fused with Korean gochujang chili paste.

The fusion gives off a sweet and spicy kick with a hint of garlic.


Add this Sriracha to all your favorite foods such as steaks, burgers, chicken, and more.


Ancho & Morita Smoky Tamarind Sauce


A quite different twist to typical hot sauces, this one is made of tamarind.

It offers a super savory mix of flavors featuring rich notes of ancho and morita chiles.

Made by Humble House Foods, an award winning hot sauce company.


Secret Aardvark Habanero Sauce


This hot sauce is the one. When I first tried this brand I literally couldn’t get enough. The flavor is pretty exotic with a unique blend of Caribbean and Tex-Mex cultures.

The pepper used in this sauce is Habanero mixed with flavorful roasted tomatoes.

One thing to note is that this sauce isn’t super hot yet not super mild. It’s somewhere in the middle, which is great for being versatile.

If you’re counting calories, this hot sauce will provide zero calories and zero sugar.


3 Unforgiving Reasons Most People Can't Lose Weight

3 Unforgiving Reasons Most People Can't Lose Weight

In the last 7 years, I’ve professionally trained clients of all different demographics. From kids, to nurses, students, and even CEOs.

Through all this training, let’s just say I’ve heard it all when it comes to excuses.

& it is these excuses that has inspired me to write this article.

In the next couple sections you’ll discover 3 common reasons why people just can’t lose weight.

& trust me when I say this..

More than 90% as to why people can’t lose weight are issues that can easily be fixed.

So let’s get straight to it.

No motivation or Support

3 Unforgiving Reasons Most People Can't Lose Weight

A huge reason as to why people can’t lose weight is because there is simply no motivation.

Fitness and losing weight is an emotional rollercoaster. I mean it’ll tear you apart if you don’t have the right mindset.

However, let’s cut to the chase..

If you say you don’t have motivation, GET SOME motivation. There’s so many ways to build a solid support system. Here’s one for example.

3 Unforgiving Reasons Most People Can't Lose Weight

Hire a personal trainer - Trainers are motivational powerhouses. I mean that’s what they get paid for! However I must admit that there are some trainers that simply do it for the money. It is these trainers that ruin the experience for everyone else. BUT, there are plenty of high quality top notch trainers that actually care about your results. So do your research and find a trainer that you have chemistry with.

Bad prioritizing

3 Unforgiving Reasons Most People Can't Lose Weight

Prioritizing is crucial. When your workout is first on your agenda, you're more than likely to get it done.

More so, there’s plenty of benefits as to why you should put your workouts first (More so in the morning).

Benefits can include:

-An open schedule throughout the day

-A boost in productivity

-A boost in metabolism

-Smarter food selections

I don’t have a gym membership

3 Unforgiving Reasons Most People Can't Lose Weight

Having no gym membership is one of the most common & most used excuse. Matter of fact it’s a major reason why a lot of people never take action with their fitness goals.

The good news..

You can literally workout anywhere. Matter of fact we filmed our High Intensity Workout #1 entirely at the park. Check it out.

As you can see from the video, you can use outdoor elements to your advantage such as the sidewalk. You can even take it up a notch by purchasing some equipment to use at home or outdoors. Here’s a fundamental list of the equipment you’ll need to get started.

Adjustable Dumbbells - Buy on Amazon

3 Unforgiving Reasons Most People Can't Lose Weight

These are awesome as it saves so much space and money. Why have an entire dumbbell rack when you can just interchange the weights?

Adjustable Barbell Set - Buy on Amazon

3 Unforgiving Reasons Most People Can't Lose Weight

Just like the dumbbells, having adjustable barbells is a space saver and gives you more flexibility in regards to storage and actually using them.

You see where i’m going with adjustable equipment? Whether you’re just starting out or are looking for something more convenient, getting yourself adjustable equipment makes weightlifting that much easier.

So know that you don’t need a gym membership. You can literally create your own gym wherever and whenever.

Also if you're stuck on what to workout, subscribe and bookmark this site as I'll be adding a bunch of free new workout videos.

4 Extremely Simple Ways To Lose Weight and shred fat

4 Extremely Simple Ways To Lose Weight And Shred Fat

There are TONS of ways to lose weight. You can lose weight through different types of diets, different workout routines, and even different lifestyle changes.

However the one thing that’s always worked for my clients..

Is to keep weight loss simple.

That’s why in this article I’ll be going over 4 extremely simple ways you can lose weight and shred fat, starting today.

Let’s get to it.

Drink More Water. Lots of it

First on our list is water. I cannot stress this enough that water is so crucial for losing weight. More than 60% of my new clients confess that they rarely or are hardly drinking enough water.

If that sounds like you this tip should help you out.

Here’s why you should be drinking more water.

Water is a natural appetite suppressant : Did you know a lot of people may confuse hunger over thirst? Studies show that individuals who drink water while hungry, become satisfied after quenching their thirst. The result? They’ve scored no extra calories and are one step closer to dropping weight.

Water enhances calorie burn: By drinking more water one may experience the benefit of increased calories burned at rest. So if you drank plenty of water before reading this article, know that you too would be burning more calories at this very moment.

Water prevents drinking high calorie beverages: How many times have you drank a cup of juice or popped open a can of soda because you were simply thirsty? A lot of us don’t think when we do this as it has become second nature. I mean it’s a survival skill to quench our thirst. However, if you had water conveniently at reach, drinking unnecessary calories can be prevented.

Here’s how you can do this.

Purchase a Hyrdo Flask or anything similar. Amazon has a variety of different types of flasks, i’ll list some of my favorites below.

Hydro Flask - Purchase On Amazon

Simply Modern - Purchase On Amazon

These flasks keep your water cool or even iced cold for hours. Know that these flasks works oppositely as well where you can keep hot beverages like coffee or hot chocolate.

One awesome tip for those that hate drinking water plain is to actually add BCAAs in their flask. If you don't know what BCAAs are definitely check out the article Best BCAA For Weight Loss.

Some of my favorite BCAAs are listed below:

  1. ALLMAX Amino Core - Purchase on Amazon
  2. Scivation Xtend BCAA – Purchase on Amazon
  3. Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA – Purchase on Amazon
  4. BPI Sports Best BCAA Shredded Caffeine Free – Purchase on Amazon

Know your macros

If you’ve been following the articles, you’ll know that it’s very crucial to know your macros. However if you’re new here, let me give you crash course as to why knowing your macros is crucial to losing weight.

Macros are broken down into protein, fats, and carbs. These 3 elements are the sum of our total daily energy expenditure and calorie deficit. More on this below.

Your total daily energy expenditure is the total amount of calories needed to maintain your body functions as well as your active lifestyle.

Now in order to lose weight you’ll need to decrease your total daily energy expenditure by a percentage in order to dive into a calorie deficit.

Once you’re consistently eating at a calorie deficit, you lose weight!

It’s not rocket science and it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. If you want to learn more about macros, definitely check out my EBOOK Macros. In this Ebook you’ll learn how to calculate your own calorie deficit and more so how to mesh your macros with your lifestyle.

Mentally prepare yourself for conditioning

I’m not saying you need to be a track star in order to do conditioning. Conditioning could be as simple as going up the flight of steps 2-3 times, walking on the treadmill at an incline, or even doing a HIIT workout.

The key with conditioning is to boost your metabolism, lose water weight, and further burn more calories.

I do want to make it known that conditioning is not completely necessary to lose weight. Technically if you’re consistently eating at a calorie deficit, you’re guaranteed weight loss.

Conditioning just speeds up the process, and who doesn’t want a nicer body..

Quicker ;)

Shock your body by overcoming plateaus

When our bodies go into stress like exercising, it quickly adapts. As we continue to do the same exercise, that same exercise becomes easier. This is what I call reaching a plateau.

Unfortunately, some people fall victim of staying in a plateau. Why? Because it’s comfortable.

& here’s the thing..

No one ever improves by being comfortable, weight loss included.

So how do we overcome plateaus?

You can increase the intensity of the same workout

Do different workouts

Increase the weight

Increase the time

Kind of get where I’m going with this?

The key is to always switch up your workouts and by doing so..

You’ll be taking giant steps forward more than you would by being comfortable.

3 common ways to screw up your diet and simple solutions to fix it

3 Common Ways To Screw Up Your Diet and Simple Solutions To Fix It

In this article we talk about 3 of the most common ways to screw up your diet and also go over some simple solutions of how to fix it.

Because when it comes to weight loss, consistency is key. However, there are times where we’ll fall short of our weight loss goals and take a couple steps back.

The goal for this article is to pin-point some common mistakes people make so you can avoid them yourself.

Or if you’re already doing those mistakes you’ll find the solutions rather useful.

So let’s get straight to it.

Going shopping with non like-minded people

Obviously the fundamental element to losing weight is diet. If you’re going grocery shopping with junk food minded individuals, a lot of the times you’ll be influenced to buy snacks that don’t necessarily fit your goals.

Solution: If you’re going to go grocery shopping with a non like-minded person, plan to bring a grocery list with you. That way you’re not influenced to purchase foods that don’t fit your macros.

Snacking unconsciously

Probably one of the most dangerous scenarios to quickly screw up your diet is to go over your macros from unconscious snacking.

What’s unconscious snacking? It’s when your hand and taste buds are insync with each other while your mind has no idea you’re eating.

For example, whenever you’re at the movie theater and order popcorn, do you ever stop to think..

“Alright I’m only going to eat 1 serving of popcorn while i’m watching this awesome movie”.

Of course not.

Most times you end up eating the entire bag of popcorn even before the movie is finished. Oh and let’s not start with the extra butter!

Solution: The solution to snacking unconsciously is to pre pack snacks into zip-locks. That way once you finish the entire zip-lock, you’ll more likely feel satisfied enough to NOT overeat. Just don’t keep adding more in the zip-lock because that just defeats the purpose.

Another solution to this is to put away snacks while you’re working on something. I’m actually guilty of this myself. There’s times when I get so deep into my writing that I unconsciously snack on the veggie chips which happened to conveniently be placed next to me. By the way veggie chips are an awesome replacement if you love to eat chips.

Drinking way too many calories

A lot of people think that by drinking fluids, you can actually lose weight. Completely wrong. Unless you’re drinking water or a drink that has no sugar or calories, you’ll be stacking up on unwanted carbs, fats, sugars, and most importantly weight. Also, regardless if it’s organic or not, calories at the end of the day are calories. The excess amount of calories you consume, the more weight you gain.

Solution: Know the serving size when drinking juices. Remember, it’s all about knowing your macros. So if you have calories to spare, then by all means go ahead and indulge in that drink!