3 Extremely Simple Tips To Burn Fat Fast

With so many fat burning techniques on the internet, putting them all together can be a complicating task.

It can be a discouraging task that drives a lot of people into a trial and error frenzy!

Whether you want to burn fat and lose weight or burn fat to build lean muscle, you’re in good hands.

Here are 3 simple tips that will help you with your fitness journey.

1. Fasted Cardio

You may have heard of this, may have not..

But the idea behind fasted cardio is working out on an empty stomach.

Why workout on an empty stomach you ask?

Well the key is to allow our body to extract energy directly from our fat storage.

The moment we wake up, our bodies are depleted of carbohydrates therefore our body extracts from the next best thing, Fats.

2. HIIT Training


This method of training is extremely effective in spiking our metabolism to burn fat throughout the day.

Try to get in a HIIT workout in the morning so you can burn spend the rest of the day shredding calories.

Now doesn’t that sound nice?

3. Avoid Fancy Sports Drinks

Unless you’re working out for more than an hour and depleting your carbs, sports drinks may be overkill.

Here’s the thing, sports drinks have a sugar content that may end up turning into fat if not burned off.

That’s why it’s ideal to drink water to avoid racking up unwanted calories.


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