Best BCAA For Weight Loss In 2018

Best BCAA For Weight Loss In 2018

Short for Branched Chain Amino Acids, BCAAs provides all sorts of benefits, weight loss included. If you’ve been curious to know how this could help you lose weight, look no further.

Today I’ll be breaking down what BCAA’s are and how it’s characteristics can help burn fat plus build lean muscle. Moreover, there will be a list of the top BCAA supplements you can buy today.

So what are BCAAs?

As previously mentioned, BCAAs stand for branched chain amino acids and are broken down into (Isoleucine, Leucine, and Valine). These 3 amino acids are what provide the plethora of benefits BCAAs have to offer.

Let’s break down the amino acids even further.

Leucine – Increases muscle protein synthesis.

Isoleucine – Stabilizes and regulates blood sugar and helps with energy production.

Valine – Forms an energy source for muscle tissue and is needed for muscle metabolism and tissue repair.

So how does BCAAs help you lose weight?

Manages Junk Food CravingsBest BCAA For Weight Loss In 2018Believe it or not, BCAAs + a regular exercise routine can boost the hormone Serotonin (a hormone that decreases junk food cravings). Studies have shown that individuals with lower serotonin levels are more likely to consume junk foods in their diet. So by adding BCAAs to your workout routine, you leverage yourself to eat healthier and more so stay on track with your weight loss goals.

Builds Lean Muscle MassBest BCAA For Weight Loss In 2018Best BCAA For Weight Loss In 2018

With more lean muscle comes more calories burned at rest. This means you can be sitting at your computer and burn fat while sitting. Sounds awesome right? But lean muscle doesn’t come easy and BCAA’s alone won’t do that for you. To build lean muscle you’ll need an optimal training routine and diet. BCAAs are the recovery aspect of training which helps create the lean muscle.

Top BCAA Supplements To Lose Weight

  1. Scivation Xtend BCAA – Purchase on Amazon
  2. Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA – Purchase on Amazon
  3. BPI Sports Best BCAA Shredded Caffeine Free – Purchase on Amazon


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