8 Common Habits That Will Age You Faster

These Habits Will Rob You From Staying Young


Let’s face it, we all strive to keep our youthful appearance.

Whether it’s pumping iron at the gym

Buying the latest beauty products

Or seeking advice from Super Shreds Magazine

At the end of the day..

The goal is to stay young.

So am I going to reveal a magic pill that will keep you from aging?

No, I’m not.

Why? Because it doesn’t exist.

BUT, I have something even better.

Here’s 8 habits that will ROB you from your youth.

If you fix these habits in your life, I guarantee you’ll look younger


The Daily Smoker

8 Common Habits That Will Age You Faster The Daily SmokerThis one is obvious, and if you didn’t know why here’s a crash course. Smoking is the number one cause for lung cancer and heart disease. Not only is it killing you internally, but it’ll start destroying your skin, showcasing fine lines and wrinkles. Not sexy.

Fun In The Sun

Fun In The SunWe love the sun. It brings forth good vibes with a punch of vitamin D. However, exposing yourself to too much sun can reap harmful effects. Here’s why.

Being exposed to the sun for long periods can cause our skin to lose it’s collagen and elasticity. What does this mean? Wrinkles.

If wrinkles don’t bother you, keep reading. Studies have shown that not only do individuals develop wrinkles, but skin cancer as well. The skin cancer, melanoma, can be fatal so think twice before being exposed too long.

What can we do to protect ourselves?

Be sure to always apply Sunscreen with a minimal SPF of 30. If swimming is in your itinerary, be sure to reapply constantly

I don’t have time to cook so Frozen Food It Is

I don't have time to cook so Frozen Food It IsI know cooking healthy food can be time consuming. There’s a lot that goes into it.

  • You need to buy the food
  • Look up a great recipe
  • And lastly, spend the time to prep and cook it.

But for a lot of us, time seems to make cooking ‘impossible’. So what do we end up doing? Cook frozen food.

Here’s the thing about frozen food.. it’s filled with extremely high dosages of sodium. So if you think frozen food is delicious, you’re probably a huge fan of salt.

High salt consumption can contribute to a variety of negative effects.

Some effects include:

  1. Water retention which leads to a puffy unattractive appearance
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Wrinkles
  4. Sodium
  5. Dehydration

With all these negatives, you may think twice about warming up your next frozen dinner.

You like to burn your food

You like to burn your foodI know plenty of people that are disgusted with raw meat. Any signs of pink in their steak will cause a spike of uneasiness. But here’s the thing, burnt meat causes cancer.

The charred parts of meat are what you call carcinogens. These carcinogens are cancerous compounds that alter DNA and become extremely toxic to our bodies.

You don’t eat Organic

You don't eat OrganicYou know about preservatives and you know about artificial flavoring.

And as much as we try to avoid ‘artificial’

Sometimes it’s just impossible to do.

But here’s what you need to know. Anything not ORGANIC can pose several health risks. Here’s why..

  • Fruits and vegetables deemed not organic is most likely treated with pesticides.
  • Meat can be treated with growth hormones
  • Packaged and canned foods are flooded with preservatives

So you’re probably wondering what effects this has to our bodies. Well with the combination of pesticides, growth hormones, and preservatives..

Our bodies go through a wrath of hormonal imbalances and inflammation. Studies also have found that weight gain is more common in individuals that GO inorganic.

Eating all types of fried foods

Eating all types of fried foodsYes, we may all be guilty of eating fried foods.

But how do you avoid that sweet fried aroma of crispy golden goodness?!

Simple, know that it makes you age faster.

The free radicals that release in deep fried foods cause our skin to age much faster resulting in unattractive wrinkles, saggy skin, and possible breakouts.

Moreover, the daily consumption of fried foods can do a number on weight gain and your internal organs.

You still can’t believe it’s not butter (Margarine)

MargarineWe’re going to keep this one simple, margarine contains trans fats. Research shows that consuming any type of trans fat can reduce the hydration in our skin.

What does this mean?

Wrinkles. You don’t want that do you?

Another drink please

Another drink pleaseWe saved the best for last, drinking.

First off all, drinking 1 or 2 glasses of wine is perfectly healthy.

Here’s some quick reasons why.

  • Wine could preserve your memory.
  • Studies show that individuals who drank more wine had slimmer waists than those who drank hard liquor.
  • Boosts immune system
  • Stronger bones
  • Prevents blood sugar issues

Now here’s the bad news. Drinking too much IS bad for you. An excess amount of liquor can rob our bodies of vitamin A, which is essential to maintain a youthful appearance.

Oh and you may already know this, but drinking too much can be extremely harmful to our liver.


As much as we would like to look young forever, it’s pretty much close to impossible. However, we can change our habits today to start looking younger tomorrow.

Throughout this article you may have noticed that diet has a huge impact in our appearance.

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