6 Simple And Effective Hacks To Build Big Arms

What’s up guys.

Today we’ll be talking about how to build bigger arms. It can be frustrating for some when you put all your efforts into growing your arms, but it just doesn’t happen. It sucks I know.

But you’re in luck.

Right now I’ll be revealing 6 simple hacks you can start using TODAY to build rock solid big arms.


I find it crucial that perfect form should be your main priority. It’s a foundation that we build off of. More so, perfect form applies to any muscle group you’re trying to grow, not just your arms.

Have you ever worked out, and seen a guy bicep curling a barbell too heavy? So he Ignorantly swings the bar up, arches his back, and then throws it to the floor?

Yeah don’t be that guy.

You see, not only do you look like a fool..But you put yourself at high risk for injury. The last thing you want to do is tear your biceps!


Building big arms requires that you’re on top of your nutrition. You can be lifting correctly, but if you’re not feeding your arms there’s little to no potential to grow.

So what do we eat?

Well if you know basic macros, you’ll want to increase your protein and carb intake while keeping your fats low.


To optimally build muscle you’ll want to consume 1 gram of protein per bodyweight. For instance, if you weight 180 pounds, you’ll want to consume 180 grams of protein. Easy right?

Let’s put this into perspective..

Protein shakes are about 25 grams per serving. Maximum of servings per day should be 3 shakes. If you consume all 3 by the end of the day, you’re already at 75 grams of protein.

6 oz chicken breast = 50 grams of protein per serving. So if you eat 2 meals that have 6 ounces of chicken breast each, you’ve hit 100 grams. Easy math I know.

So let’s add this up…

2 servings of 6 oz chicken breast. + 3 protein shakes = 175 grams of protein for the day

Our goal was 180 grams of protein. Do you kind of understand this concept? I hope so!


The amount of carbs varies between individual. Depending on how much you train throughout the day, will determine how much carbs you’ll need. In general your diet should have a surplus of carbs.

In a future article we’ll go over all the math on how to calculate targeted macros, but for today we’ll keep it simple.

You can gauge how much carbs you should be consuming by weighing out your carbs per meal. You’ll also need to take progress pics and measurements. Eat the same amount of carbs for 2 weeks and see if you noticed any difference in mass. If you aren’t happy with the results, increase your carbs again and repeat.

This method is a lot slower than knowing exactly how much carbs you should be taking..but it’s SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE.


Another key to building mass is to progressively increase the weight of your lifts. A lot of individuals are afraid to lift heavier due to risk of injury. However, if your form and nutrition is correct injury will be kept at a minimal.

In a nut shell, this is how muscle is built. During any resistant training, we end up tearing our muscle fibers. The tear of muscle fibers is NOT the stage where muscle is built, but the rest and recovery after that. Here’s the thing a lot of novice bodybuilders get wrong..

Lifting the same muscle group every single day with the same weight. Do they see results? Probably not. When lifting the same weight overtime, your body starts to adapt. You become a professional lifting that weight so your body senses that it doesn’t need to build more muscle.

To change that, you will need to shock your body. Once one weight gets easy, don’t be afraid of adding 5-10 pounds progressively. Do note that correct form must apply at all times!


To effectively build mass, you’ll need to know how much reps and sets to apply. Everyone has a different goal, and the amount of reps and sets can greatly influence your physique.

So to build bigger arms, you’ll need to keep your reps between 8-10 and sets at 3-4.


If you really want to take your workouts to the next level, find a spotter. Yes you can lift heavy weights on your own, but for some workouts a spotter can actually help build strength and mass.


Rest is crucial. If you’re not resting, you’re not building big arms..period.

With proper rest, you allow your torn muscle fibers to recover and build. What happens when we build? Strength and mass happens.

So what’s the proper amount of rest?

Typically, resting specific body parts 2-3 days before working it out again is optimal.


So there you have it, 6 simple and effective hacks you can use today to build big arms. Stay tuned for the next article as we’ll be showing you 10 mass building arm workouts.