5 Best Ways To Boost Your Metabolism In 2018

5 Best Ways To Boost Your Metabolism In 2018

It’s 2018 and whether you’ve started a new years resolution or not, knowing how to optimize your metabolism is crucial to your fitness goals.

Let’s first define metabolism in the simplest way possible. Your metabolism is the collaboration of all your body functions working together to keep you moving. For instance, our metabolism is the main system that breaks down our foods and turns them into energy. It’s like the engine in your car. If the engine starts breaking down, the car no longer runs smoothly. SAME GOES FOR OUR BODIES.

So how do we maintain or improve our metabolism so we can have the best functional body to feel and look good?

It’s easy! Behold 5 of the best ways to boost your metabolism starting today!


KEEP EATINGBelieve it or not, but the more you eat the more you’ll burn calories.

Let’s put this into perspective. Our metabolism works when it’s put to use. If you’re starving yourself, your metabolism isn’t offered any work to break down food.

The result?

A rusty metabolism that becomes inefficient.

So here’s how to combat this. Eat more healthier foods. Matter of fact, eat more foods that are tailored to your fitness goals.

For instance, if you’re trying to lose weight while looking toned..

Eat 4-5 high protein meals that keeps you in a calorie deficit.

Don’t know how much calories to eat? Check out article ‘ 4 Insanely Simple Steps To Lose Weight ‘ which shows you how to calculate your total maintenance calories.

So here’s a general rule of thumb.

Eat more meals while eating less than your total maintenance calories.

Burn more calories through exercise.

Add weight training to build lean muscle. More lean muscle actually allows you to burn more calories at rest.


HOT SAUCESpice up your diet with hot sauce.

Why? Because hot sauce can reap benefits that help with speeding up your metabolism.

The culprit is Capsaicin. This chemical is what gives the “hot” in hot sauce. When consuming enough hot sauce, our body increases in temperature which then activates our metabolism.

The goal of our metabolism at this point is to lower our temperature back to normal.

Remember the more you activate your metabolism, the more fat will be burned.

Here’s another interesting fact about hot sauce. As we continue to go into a calorie deficit our body naturally slows down our metabolism, according to a 2013 study published in PLos One.

To combat this, adding hot sauce to your diet can spike your metabolism back to a fat burning machine.

So go right ahead, and spice up your life.


STAND AT WORKHow does burning an extra 30,000 calories sounds?

How does losing an extra 8 lbs of fat sound by just standing?

Amazing right?

Well studies have shown that workers have been shown to lose 50+ more calories per hour just by standing.

So if working out is not your scene, try standing at work!


SAY NO TO DIET SODAIn terms of boosting your metabolism as much as possible, diet soda can definitely do damage.

Reason is primarily due to the artificial sweeteners diet sodas use to make up for the zero calories.

So why is artificial sweeteners bad?

It screws up your bodie’s metabolic response to sugar..

Thus increasing your appetite ..

Which ultimately leads to weight gain.

However! If you’re disciplined with eating at a calorie deficit and are expending more calories than you consume..

Then have a diet soda from time to time won’t hurt.


ALCOHOL INCREASES WEIGHT GAIN BY 70%A few drinks here and there will do little to your waistline if you’re an active individual.

However, if exercising is not in the picture..

Or if you drink consistently..

Then alcohol can slow down your metabolism which more than likely leads can to weight gain.

Here’s why..

Our body metabolizes alcohol first before any food that’s been waiting to be digested.

So what happens to our metabolism? It slows by more than 70%

With this in mind, i’m sure you know what the solution is..

Either limit or stop drinking alcohol.


A healthy metabolism and diving into a calorie deficit is crucial for fat loss success.

By applying these 5 simple tips you’re well off on your way into creating a better version.

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