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Just recently I teamed up with Marina Hanna, a 3X Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini competitor. Marina has also established herself as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. With her background and experience, she’s been able to inspire communities as well as transform the lives of her clients.

Her goal is to continue competing and strives to compete at the ultimate level, the Olympia. She actually has a show this upcoming Saturday, March 30th. So if you see her around make sure to wish her the best!

With that said, Marina has provided her insights of how you can start losing weight with 5 simple tips.

Here’s what she said:


“So first of all I would talk about how a lot of people don’t take advantage of sleep. Sleep can help you so much with losing weight as it allows your body to reset. Sleep for about 8 hours to help with recovery. As long as you’ve wakened up energetic in the morning, you’ve gotten a good nights sleep.”

Drink More Water

“Water is the second thing. Drink lots and lots of it. The less water you drink, the more dehydrated your body becomes. Drinking water will help you to feel more refreshed and metabolize more fat.”

Eat more

“Eating a lot more balanced meals every 3 hours is what I would recommend. Balanced meals will contain your protein, fats, and carbs. Another thing I would recommend is to always have your meals ready to eat, do not fail to prepare your food.”

More lifting less cardio

“Do not do cardio more than weight training. A lot of women get the misconception that doing any form of lifting will cause you to look masculine. However, lifting weights actually helps to burn more calories at rest. So go ahead and build more lean muscle through lifting. With that said, cardio should still be done for overall cardiovascular health, and to burn extra calories.

Keep up with Marina’s journey by following her on instagram. @marina1hanna

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