4 Extremely Simple Ways To Lose Weight And Shred Fat

4 Extremely Simple Ways To Lose Weight and shred fat

There are TONS of ways to lose weight. You can lose weight through different types of diets, different workout routines, and even different lifestyle changes.

However the one thing that’s always worked for my clients..

Is to keep weight loss simple.

That’s why in this article I’ll be going over 4 extremely simple ways you can lose weight and shred fat, starting today.

Let’s get to it.


4. Drink More Water. Lots of it

First on our list is water. I cannot stress this enough that water is so crucial for losing weight. More than 60% of my new clients confess that they rarely or are hardly drinking enough water.

If that sounds like you this tip should help you out.

Here’s why you should be drinking more water.

Water is a natural appetite suppressant : Did you know a lot of people may confuse hunger over thirst? Studies show that individuals who drink water while hungry, become satisfied after quenching their thirst. The result? They’ve scored no extra calories and are one step closer to dropping weight.

Water enhances calorie burn: By drinking more water one may experience the benefit of increased calories burned at rest. So if you drank plenty of water before reading this article, know that you too would be burning more calories at this very moment.

Water prevents drinking high calorie beverages: How many times have you drank a cup of juice or popped open a can of soda because you were simply thirsty? A lot of us don’t think when we do this as it has become second nature. I mean it’s a survival skill to quench our thirst. However, if you had water conveniently at reach, drinking unnecessary calories can be prevented.

Here’s how you can do this.

Purchase a Hyrdo Flask or anything similar. Amazon has a variety of different types of flasks, i’ll list some of my favorites below.

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These flasks keep your water cool or even iced cold for hours. Know that these flasks works oppositely as well where you can keep hot beverages like coffee or hot chocolate.

One awesome tip for those that hate drinking water plain is to actually add BCAAs in their flask. If you don’t know what BCAAs are definitely check out the article Best BCAA For Weight Loss.

Some of my favorite BCAAs are listed below:

  1. ALLMAX Amino Core – Purchase on Amazon
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  3. Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA – Purchase on Amazon
  4. BPI Sports Best BCAA Shredded Caffeine Free – Purchase on Amazon