3 Unforgiving Reasons Most People Can't Lose Weight

3 Unforgiving Reasons Most People Can’t Lose Weight

In the last 7 years, I’ve professionally trained clients of all different demographics. From kids, to nurses, students, and even CEOs.

Through all this training, let’s just say I’ve heard it all when it comes to excuses.

& it is these excuses that has inspired me to write this article.

In the next couple sections you’ll discover 3 common reasons why people just can’t lose weight.

& trust me when I say this..

More than 90% as to why people can’t lose weight are issues that can easily be fixed.

So let’s get straight to it.

No motivation or Support

3 Unforgiving Reasons Most People Can't Lose Weight

A huge reason as to why people can’t lose weight is because there is simply no motivation.

Fitness and losing weight is an emotional rollercoaster. I mean it’ll tear you apart if you don’t have the right mindset.

However, let’s cut to the chase..

If you say you don’t have motivation, GET SOME motivation. There’s so many ways to build a solid support system. Here’s one for example.

3 Unforgiving Reasons Most People Can't Lose Weight

Hire a personal trainer – Trainers are motivational powerhouses. I mean that’s what they get paid for! However I must admit that there are some trainers that simply do it for the money. It is these trainers that ruin the experience for everyone else. BUT, there are plenty of high quality top notch trainers that actually care about your results. So do your research and find a trainer that you have chemistry with.

Bad prioritizing

3 Unforgiving Reasons Most People Can't Lose Weight

Prioritizing is crucial. When your workout is first on your agenda, you’re more than likely to get it done.

More so, there’s plenty of benefits as to why you should put your workouts first (More so in the morning).

Benefits can include:

-An open schedule throughout the day

-A boost in productivity

-A boost in metabolism

-Smarter food selections

I don’t have a gym membership

3 Unforgiving Reasons Most People Can't Lose Weight

Having no gym membership is one of the most common & most used excuse. Matter of fact it’s a major reason why a lot of people never take action with their fitness goals.

The good news..

You can literally workout anywhere. Matter of fact we filmed our High Intensity Workout #1 entirely at the park. Check it out.

As you can see from the video, you can use outdoor elements to your advantage such as the sidewalk. You can even take it up a notch by purchasing some equipment to use at home or outdoors. Here’s a fundamental list of the equipment you’ll need to get started.

Adjustable Dumbbells – Buy on Amazon

3 Unforgiving Reasons Most People Can't Lose Weight

These are awesome as it saves so much space and money. Why have an entire dumbbell rack when you can just interchange the weights?

Adjustable Barbell Set – Buy on Amazon

3 Unforgiving Reasons Most People Can't Lose Weight

Just like the dumbbells, having adjustable barbells is a space saver and gives you more flexibility in regards to storage and actually using them.

You see where i’m going with adjustable equipment? Whether you’re just starting out or are looking for something more convenient, getting yourself adjustable equipment makes weightlifting that much easier.

So know that you don’t need a gym membership. You can literally create your own gym wherever and whenever.

Also if you’re stuck on what to workout, subscribe and bookmark this site as I’ll be adding a bunch of free new workout videos.

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