3 Supplements To Build Massive Muscle And Strength

To build muscle and strength you need to optimally equip yourself with knowledge.

Not just any knowledge..

But knowledge that will take your goals in the right direction.

So enough chit chat.

Here are the 3 supplements to build MASSIVE muscle and strength.

Optimize with supplements

I firmly believe supplements provide the ultimate convenience for muscle recovery.


Because the time it’ll take you to cook a nutrient dense meal, will be cut in half when chugging down a simple protein shake.

So let’s talk about protein shakes.

A lot of people steer away from protein shakes due to the fact it’s not organic. It’s not naturally farmed.

Here’s the thing..

Now a days, you can find so many different protein variations.

So why do you need it?

Well every serving can amount to 15-30 grams of muscle building protein.

Note that in order to build muscle you’ll need to consume 1 gram of protein per bodyweight. So if you weight 150 pounds, you’ll need 150 grams of protein to build muscle.

Here’s our top 3 whey protein powders

Top 3 plant based protein powders

Protein is the building blocks for muscle, so it’s crucial you add this to your arsenal.

However it doesn’t stop there..

In order to build strength and muscle you need to optimally perform, push massive weight, and endure long training sessions.

That’s where Creatine comes in.

Research has proven that Creatine enhances strength and endurance during intense training sessions.

Not only does it build strength, but it can help those searching to build muscle mass.

It’s a fact that creatine can be naturally obtained from raw meat. However, know that one serving from a creatine supplement amounts to 2-3 pounds of raw meat.

That my friends..is a lot of meat.

You can read more about creatine in the article

This supplement is the closest thing to taking steroids

Here’s are our top 3 Creatine supplements

Lastly you’ll want to go with a high quality BCAA supplement

What is this?

Well BCAA stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids.

There especially useful when gaining mass and most conserving muscle.

So when would you need this?

Well whenever you’re shredding fat, you risk the potential of shredding muscle as well. Why?

Because muscle mass = rate of protein synthesis – rate of protein breakdown.

BCAA’s actually increases the rate of protein synthesis which slows the break down of muscle.

Here’s another crucial reason why BCAAs do wonders for building strength and muscle..

Taking this supplement alone can help enhance the intensity of your workouts.


BCAA’s reduces fatigue caused by an increased amount of serotonin while training.

Less fatigue = Longer intense gym sessions.

Wait I thought Whey protein already has BCAAs in it? Why do I need to take a separate supplement?

Yes, Whey protein contains BCAAs, but it’s not optimal for fast recovery. The BCAAs infused in whey are peptide bound..

Meaning the only way BCAAs will be active is by being digested and transferred to the blood stream.

A separate BCAA supplement performs the exact opposite. It’s not bounded to anything.

It’s free form characteristic allows it to easily be absorbed in the blood stream. Hence faster recovery.

Here are our top 3 BCAA


These 3 supplements are absolutely and fundamentally crucial for building muscle and strength. Without them, you jeopardize all types of muscle building opportunities.