3 Life Changing Reasons You Should Workout In The Morning

Stop sleeping in and start being more productive. Here are the 3 top reasons working out in the morning can change your lifestyle.

Morning hormones creates more gains

Studies have shown that testosterone levels are higher in the morning. A natural boost in testosterone can help push you through heavy lifts and or high intensity workouts.

Exercising in the morning literally gives you a huge advantage in utilizing testosterone at it’s peak level.

So why workout in the evening?

Say goodbye to excuses

We’ve all experienced this, at the end of the day we’re broken down by work, meetings, and life in general. Once the evening hits excuses come pouring in which eventually prevents most from stepping into the gym.

Excuses are one of the number one reasons a lot of people don’t conquer any of their goals. Don’t be that person. Learn to limit the number of excuses by making small sacrifices by working out in the morning.

Fat burn on autopilot

By applying HIIT or Resistance training in the morning, our bodies are geared towards burning fat throughout the day.

How so?

Well during exercise, we receive a huge spike in our metabolism which is the number 1 driver for burning calories at rest.

So whether you’re in a meeting or studying for school, know that you’re burning fat at the same time. Isn’t that just lovely?

After thought

For some, it’s tough getting up in the morning. We understand. However, if you think of these 3 key reasons the moment you wake up, chances are you’ll be up and working out in no time.