3 EASY Steps To Lose Weight The Right Way

Losing weight can be a real pain in the ass. 

I say this because i’ve been through the entire journey of going through all the weight loss gimmicks, the fad diets, and most importantly the trial and errors. 

It’s frustrating. However, if you’re able to cut through the noise, losing weight is actually very easy.

So what is this noise?

Noise is all the weight loss short cuts that are heavily marketed to consumers that are desperate. Desperate in a sense that working hard and adopting a lifestyle change doesn’t apply to them.

That’s why weight loss gimmicks do so well in the fitness industry because they prey upon individuals that will pay anything for a quick solution.

But anyways let’s not waste anytime. The steps below are a simplified and easy to follow solution on how to lose weight more efficiently.

Step 1. Throw away all the junk food in your house

Let’s face it, if junk food is conveniently accessible, you will eventually eat it. Which is the reason why removing it entirely will solve this issue quick and efficiently. 

This applies to 





Wines okay

But it’s anything that will cause you to overeat and put you into a calorie suprlus. 

Remember, the key to weight loss is to always be in a calorie deficit.

Step 2. Replace the junk food with lean foods that you’ll actually eat

Lean foods can be anything that’s higher in protein with low carbs and fats. Some lean meals that I personally eat are as follows:


Egg whites / 2 Glasses of Water / BCAAs / Oatmeal


1 Protein shake


Chicken Breast / Tofu / Asparagus 

Post lunch

1 Protein shake


Salmon / White Rice / Green Beans

Post dinner

If i’m under my required protein intake i’ll have one more protein shake at the end of the day.

Step 3. Go workout

Now that you’re eating leaner, you’re more on track of staying in a calorie deficit. We’ll then take it further by adding aerobic and anerobic workouts. 

Aerobic – Cardio

Anerobic – Weightlifing

If you’re primarily interested in dropping weight without caring about building muscle, do more aerobic.

If you want to lose weight but have a nice physqiue at the same time, do more anerobic and light aerobic workouts. 

The formula is pretty simple, just start working out with a goal in mind.

Step 4. Repeat

Once you get the hang of this, the key is just repeating this every single week until you plateau again. For instance, if you haven’t lost enough weight by the end of the week, you either need to increase your workouts or decrease your calories. It’s a very simple process.

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