3 Common Ways To Screw Up Your Diet and Simple Solutions To Fix It

In this article we talk about 3 of the most common ways to screw up your diet and also go over some simple solutions of how to fix it.

Because when it comes to weight loss, consistency is key. However, there are times where we’ll fall short of our weight loss goals and take a couple steps back.

The goal for this article is to pin-point some common mistakes people make so you can avoid them yourself.

Or if you’re already doing those mistakes you’ll find the solutions rather useful.

So let’s get straight to it.

2. Snacking unconsciously

Probably one of the most dangerous scenarios to quickly screw up your diet is to go over your macros from unconscious snacking.

What’s unconscious snacking? It’s when your hand and taste buds are insync with each other while your mind has no idea you’re eating.

For example, whenever you’re at the movie theater and order popcorn, do you ever stop to think..

“Alright I’m only going to eat 1 serving of popcorn while i’m watching this awesome movie”.

Of course not.

Most times you end up eating the entire bag of popcorn even before the movie is finished. Oh and let’s not start with the extra butter!

Solution: The solution to snacking unconsciously is to pre pack snacks into zip-locks. That way once you finish the entire zip-lock, you’ll more likely feel satisfied enough to NOT overeat. Just don’t keep adding more in the zip-lock because that just defeats the purpose.

Another solution to this is to put away snacks while you’re working on something. I’m actually guilty of this myself. There’s times when I get so deep into my writing that I unconsciously snack on the veggie chips which happened to conveniently be placed next to me. By the way veggie chips are an awesome replacement if you love to eat chips.