2017 California Wildfires Have Caused Toxic Outdoor Workout Environments

For the past week California wildfires, have torched through regions causing massive destruction.

However, it’s not the fires that we should be most concerned about..

But the toxic smoke that comes after.

In the past couple of days the Bay Area has experienced the worse air quality recorded.

Here’s a legend that rates good air quality to unhealthy

Below you you’ll see a chart that rates major cities based off the legend above.


Assessing the charts, you’ll find that the AQI (Air quality index) has gone through the roof.

Officials warn that very fine smoke particles, can penetrate through the lunges and cause serious respiratory damage.

Some conditions include:

  • Asthma
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Emphysema

“A lot of that stuff has toxic emissions associated with it.”

Jim Roberts, chemist at NOAA’s Earth System’s Research Laboratory


This air quality causes toxic outdoor activities and should be avoided until a new AQI has deemed our air quality safe.


It’s a bummer not being able to enjoy the fresh outdoors right now, especially if it was your platform to workout.

But with the current air quality, it’s best to plan your next couple of workouts either at home or at the gym.

Need some ideas for indoor workouts? Here’s a quick list of some popular gyms and fitness studios.


HIIT Training \ Bootcamps

Commercial Gyms

There is no outdoor workouts that are worth putting your health at risk, period.