1 Extremely Simple Tip To Transform Your Body

Let’s face it, we’ve all hit plateaus. Whether our efforts are trying to lose weight, build muscle, or for pure performance, plateaus kill motivation.

So what’s the solution?

Well, let’s first decipher why people get into plateaus in the first place.
Someone dives into a plateau when their body has become too comfortable with the routine. This can be doing cardio every single day, lifting the same weight every day, or even being lazy every day.

If you want something you don’t have, you have to do something you don’t do.

It’s pretty simple.
For instance, if you want to lose more weight then jump on the treadmill longer. If you’re already doing the treadmill for long periods, then increase the speed.

Here’s another example. If you want to build muscle, then you have to change your reps and sets. More so, changing your rest times and nutrition.

It can get super complicated, but at the end of the day it all comes to one thing to get over a plateau, and that is to…


Shocking your body is to do something entirely different than what your mind and body are used to.

Just the other day a friend of mine invited me to a powerlifting gym. Having been bodybuilding for as long as I can remember, going into this powerlifting gym was entirely new to me. The atmosphere, the equipment, and more so the Olympic weights.

Here’s a video highlight that you can watch on my youtube.

The outcome of my powerlifting gym story? My legs are fantastically sore as I’m writing this article. I must say that I haven’t been this sore in a while, so what could it be? I shocked my mind and body.

You see, shocking your body can happen in multiple ways. By simply changing your gym you too can change up your routine.

  • Here are a few more examples of what you can do to shock your body:
  • Meal prep instead of eating out
  • Instead of the treadmill use a Stairmaster
  • Instead of curling with dumbbells, use a barbell
  • If you do weights every single day and you’re not gaining? Add a rest day!

You see…

The formula is simple.

Just do something you’ve never done to achieve results you don’t have.

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